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Programming Research Group | Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology


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The Programming Research Group is working on programming languages and programming environments. Graduate and undergraduate students of Tokyo Tech and the University of Tokyo are working together. Our goal is to make programming more fun by advancing theory, design and implementation of programming languages and environments.

  • Theory, design and implementation of programming languages for advanced modularity, including object-oriented, aspect-oriented and context oriented programming languages, and computational reflection.
  • Making it easy to write efficient programs through high-level optimization techniques like partial evaluation and program transformation for advanced computing systems like GPGPU and massively-parallel computers.
  • Improving software development environment like reversible debuggers and code recommendation by exploiting rich computing resources and programming techniques like static program analysis and low-level execution profiling.

For more and detailed research topics, please look our projects page.  We welcome interested students and researchers to join us.

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