Poster Presentation on a Certified DSL for GPGPU at APLAS’16

Our poster “Towards a Formally Verified Skeleton-based Data Parallel DSL for GPGPU” (authored by Asakura, Masuhara, and Aotani), is presented at APLAS 2016.

Paper on Pyrlang is Accepted by the Post-Proceedings of TFP’16

A paper titled “Improving Sequential Performance of Erlang based on a Meta-tracing Just-In-Time Compiler”, authored by Huang, Masuhara and Aotani, is accepted by the Post-Proceeding of the 17th Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP’16), held in June.

Paper presentation at NOOL

Our paper entitled “Towards Automatic Decoration”, authored by Aotani and Kamina,  has been accepted by and will be presented at NOOL 2016

Presentation about unit testing features for live programming environments at IPSJ-PRO 2016-3

Imai, Masuhara, Aotani will have a presentation at IPSJ PRO 2016-3.

The title is “Design and Implementation of Unit Testing Features for Live Programming Environments.”

You can download the paper from here (in Japanese).

Paper on Open Classes Accepted in IPSJ Transactions on Programming

Our paper “A Layer-based Approach to Hierarchical Dynamically-scoped Open Classes” (authored by Springer, Masuhara and Hirschfeld) was accepted for publication in the IPSJ Transactions on Programming (Journal of Information Processing).

The paper was a revised version of the one presented at IPSJ PRO/SWoPP’16 in August.

Izumi Asakura receives IPSJ Computer Science Research Award for Young Scientists

Izumi Asakura is awarded IPSJ Computer Science Research Award for Young Scientists for his paper presentation on “Proof of soundness of concurrent separation logic for GPGPU in Coq.”

Come and Go

Ruochen Huang receives his Master’s degree, as the representative of the School of Information Sciences and Technology.

Ruochen Huang, “Pyrlang: A High Performance Erlang Virtual Machine Based on RPython“, Master Thesis, August 2016

Peter Wauligmann joins the group as an exchange student from TU Munich.  He will work on the Ikra project until February 2017.

Paper on THRESHER Accepted by Computer Software

A paper entitled “Unravel programming sessions with THRESHER: Identifying coherent and complete sets of fine-granular source code changes” authored by Taeumel, Platz, Steinert, Hirschfeld, and Masuhara, is accepted Computer Software (a journal of JSSST).

Presentation of a paper on Open Classes at IPSJ-PRO / SWoPP 2016

We presented our manuscript “A Layer-based Approach to Hierarchical Dynamically-scoped Open Classes” (authored by Springer, Masuhara, and Hirschfeld) at 110th IPSJ Workshop on Programming (IPSJ-PRO), one of the “Matsumoto” Summer United Workshops on Parallel/Distributed/Cooperative Processing (SWoPP 2016).

Update: the revised paper is accepted by IPSJ Transactions on Programming (Journal of Information Processing).

2nd Meeting of SIGPX: Special Interest Group on Programming Experience

The second meeting of SIGPX (Special Interest Group on Programming Experience) is held at Microsoft Japan HQ. Imai and Oka give their lighting talks. Jointly with Jun Kato at AIST, Masuhara serves as an organizer.