How to Join the Group

We are accepting students and researchers who are interested in and enthusiastic about programming languages.


We accept the senior students at the Department of Information Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Interested students are encouraged to participate in 総合演習, and also to contact with Hidehiko Masuhara before choosing the lab.

Graduate students

We welcome applications from students holding a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degrees for pursuing the master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

  • Admission: Applicants must pass one of the following admission processes.  Before application, prospected students are advised to contact with Hidehiko Masuhara.
    • International Graduate Program (A): The program offers English based curriculum for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. Applicants must pass an interview-based selection process.  Selected students are also eligible to receive a MEXT scholarship. Application period is around August to November for the program beginning next academic year.  Details can be found at the Program’s page.
    • Master’s course.  Prospected students have to apply and to take the entrance exam in August.  The application period is late June. Details can be found at the Department’s page.
    • Ph.D. course. Prospected students are admitted based on their research during their master courses. The application period is July (for the course beginning from October) and January (for the course beginning from April).  Details can be found the University’s page.
  • Scholarships. International students can apply to a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. (Note that the admission does not guarantee the scholarship.) Our group also have a few research assistant positions for Ph.D. students, which is project-focused and term-limited.


We accept post-docs who are funded by JSPS fellowship. This needs in-advance grant application from the applicant’s side. Please consult the JSPS’ page for detail. We also have one post-doc position, which is funded by the Modularity for Supercomputing project. Please consult the project’s page for detail (the page says the call is closed, but a few positions are available to fill the vacancy) and contact with Hidehiko Masuhara.