Aspectual Caml (A’Caml): an AOP extension to functional language Caml

We propose an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) language called Aspectual Caml based on a strongly-typed functional language Objective Caml with two AOP mechanisms similar to those in AspectJ language. This paper describes the design and implementation issues of those AOP mechanisms that give us insights into the interaction between AOP features and common features in strongly-typed functional languages such as type inference, polymorphic types and curried functions. We implemented a prototype compiler of the language and used the language for separating crosscutting concerns in application programs, including for separating descriptions of a type system from compiler descriptions.



Hidehiko Masuhara, Hideaki Tatsuzawa and Akinori Yonezawa, Aspectual Caml: an Aspect-Oriented Functional Language, In Proceedings of ICFP 2005, PDF file, Slides in PDF.


(Instructions: download a diff file from the above link, and source code of Objective Caml 3.08. Apply the diff file to the O’Caml source code, and follow the further instructions in README_ASPECT.)