Type Relaxed Weaving

Around advice in AspectJ language can change runtime arguments to method invocations (and other kinds of operations) and return values from the invocations (ibid.). While this is very powerful, there is severe restriction in terms of types, which prevents aspects to change values even if it is safe to do. This project aims at relaxing weaving rules in AspectJ so that aspects have more opportunity to change the values without losing type safety. In addition, we investigate improving type flexibility of proceed method under relaxed weaving rules and supporting generics and covariant return types.

A motivating example of this project is to allow the following around advice definition without losing type safety:

aspect WrapActionListener {
  ActionListener around(): call(ActionListener+.new(..)) {
    ActionListener l = proceed();
    return new Wrapper(l); // Wrapper implements ActionListener

Surprisingly, current AspectJ compilers reject to weave this aspect.



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