AOAsia/Pacific 2014: 9th International Workshop on Advanced Modularization Techniques

one-day workshop co-located with FSE 2014, November 16, Hong Kong, China


Separation of concerns is one of the main tenets of software engineering — allowing developers to reason about a problem in sensible portions, regardless which phase of the life cycle they’re working in. Many researchers in software engineering are actually in the field of advanced software modularization techniques such as aspect-orientation without realizing it.

A growing number of advanced modularization techniques, including aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and context-oriented programming (COP), are investigated to support separation of concerns in software development. Those techniques need dedicated support for analysis of artifacts at the various stages of software development. Developers need to be able to understand, visualize, specify, verify and test, with existence of those advanced modularization techniques, requirements, architectures, designs and programs to make it an industrially viable technology. Tool support is further needed for the identification of latent (non-modularized) crosscutting concerns in legacy software and for their subsequent refactoring into modules.

AOAsia/Pacific is a series of international workshops on advanced modularization techniques not specific to AOP nor COP initially organized by Asia/Pacific-related researchers in cooperation with many researchers all over the world. One of the aims for this workshop is to bring together researchers, who are tackling the problems of advanced separation of concerns, but who are not yet connected to this growing, thriving community. The workshop also intends to provide a forum for discussion of new ideas, new directions, and new applications.

Though the workshop title contains the term “Asia/Pacific”, it is open to everyone all over the world who are interested in advanced modularization techniques. We welcome your involvement!